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Coconut Shell and Bamboo Products
Handmade from the ISLANDS, just for you!

Coconut Shell Products!

Genuine Coconut Shell Products from the Islands.
While these products WILL hold liquids, they are for display and decorative purposes ONLY, NOT recommended for everyday household use.

Coconut Coffee Cups, about 2-4" across, 2-3" high
$8.00 each + S&H
Stock # MH-07, Shipping Weight 1 lb


Coconut Wine Glasses, about 2-3" across, 3-4" high
$9.00 each + S&H
Stock # MH-06, Shipping Weight 1 lb

IMPORTANT Order information, PLEASE click HERE BEFORE you order.

Coconut Tea Pots, about 3-5" across, about 4-5" high
SOLD OUT, Stock # MH-08, Shipping Weight 3 lb

Coconut Bowls, about 3-5" across, About 2-4" high
$9.00 each + S&H
Stock # MH-09, Shipping Weight 2 lb

Genuine CoCoNut Heads!
(Do they LOOK like anyone YOU know?)

From the Islands, Genuine CoCoNut Heads,
sometimes called "Shrunken Heads?"!
A great conversation piece, or hang them from
your car rear view mirror!

$12.00 + S&H
Large (about 4" x 12"), Stock Number CCheadL
Shipping Weight 3 Pounds.


$8.00 + S&H
Small (about 2" x 8"), Stock Number CCheadS
Shipping Weight 2 Pounds

IMPORTANT Order information, PLEASE click HERE BEFORE you order.

Please note; Colors, shapes, designs, sizes and styles vary from shipment to shipment, and from season to season. These photos are intended to show the types of products that are available, NOT the specific item in stock at any one time.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

Enjoy the wonderful sounds of the tropics!

Very pleasing 'plunk' sound.

Made from real bamboo with a coconut shell top

and bamboo chimer on 18" nylon cord.

About 6" across, Chimes about 14" to 20" long.

$24.00 + S&H
Stock Number CRI06, Weight 8 pounds.


IMPORTANT Order information, PLEASE click HERE BEFORE you order.

Genuine Bamboo Candles
A GREAT gift for that special someone who has everything! VERY long burning, full to the bottom with wax. No two are alike!

Styles, colors, and sizes vary from shipment to shipment.
From the Islands to your table or display case.
Stock number BAMBC-(size)
Shipping Weight about 3 lb each.

SET of 3, (1 ea: Large, Small, Med) Bamboo Candles
SOLD OUT, Set/3, Stock Number BAMSET, Shipping Weight 9 pounds.


SOLD OUT each, Large (about 8" x 3")

 SOLD OUT each, Medium (about 6" x 3")

SOLD OUT, Small (about 5" x 3")

IMPORTANT Order information, PLEASE click HERE BEFORE you order.

Trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting the candle. NEVER leave a burning candle unattended! All burning candles present a fire hazard, if not properly handled.

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