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A packing and handling fee is added to your invoice as shown on the chart below.

This charge is for the cost of  labor, boxes, packing materials, tape, etc,
 used to pack your order.

Because of the fact that your order will be traveling about
half way around the world to get to you, we DO NOT  simply place
your order in a plastic bag, put a stamp on the bag, and hope for the best!

Our outgoing orders are packed in a cardboard box with 2" of peanuts or packing material between the merchandise and the box. Your invoice, your address and our return address are all placed in the box with your order. The box is then double taped twice around the box on all six sides. After that, we double tape your address label to the outside of the box.

This extra effort costs a bit more, and takes a little bit more time.
BUT, in the last two years, we have received  NO REPORTS from any of our customers OF ANY DAMAGE TO ANY OF OUR SHIPMENTS!

We want to keep that perfect record!!

 Merchandise Total   P/H Fee
    $00.01-$20.00  $3.00
    $20.01-$35.00  $3.50
    $35.01-$50.00   $4.00
    $50.01-$70.00  $4.50
    $70.01-$120.00  $5.00
    $120.01+  add 8% 

PLEASE NOTE: Items such as handicraft, carvings, and other very fragile or larger items will require additional packing (not included in this chart) to help insure their safe arrival. We will pack these items with special care, and advise you of the costs on an individual basis.

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