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Myths of Guam.

Guam is an Island rich in Culture, myths and Legends! 

Learn about Taotaomas, Camel Rock, Mt. Lamlam, Mary of the Crabs, Breadfruit Legends, the Maidens that saved Guam, Hunters, Gods, the Flame Tree, and a dozen more legends of Guam. 

94 pages, 7" x 9", Soft Cover.
22 black & white drawings. Story and pictures copyright by Cat Major.
First Published 1987, third printing 1993.

$18.00 + S&H
Stock Number GU-MYTHS.
Shipping Weight 2 pounds. 


Hemplon Nana Siha: A Collection of Chamorro Legends and Stories

Part I: Legends and Stories 1914 - 1919.

Part II: Stories and Traditions Collected by Geri Gutierrez.

Part III: A Modern Collection of Legends and Stories. 

Copyright @ 2001 by the Department of Chamorro  Affairs, Government of Guam. All rights reserved

82 pages; 8.5" X 11"; Soft Cover
Full color illustrations.
$35.00 + S&H
Stock Number GU-HALE; Shipping Weight 2 Pounds



Chamorro Heritage: A Sense of Place -- Guidelines, Procedures and Recommendations for Authenticating Chamorro Heritage

This is a Department of Chamorro Affairs publication and contains five sections.

Language and heritage 

Chamorro family, traditions and culture 

Literature and publication 

The arts 

Culture and hospitality 

The 132-page book is a comprehensive look at Chamorro culture and its traditions as practiced by and experienced by the manamko', or Chamorro elders, in Guam and the Mariana Islands. 

132 pages; 8.5" X 11"; Soft Cover.
Full color illustrations.
Stock Number GU-CHER; Shipping Weight 2 Pounds


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Jose and Mariano Meet
by Bill Becker

The Taotaomon'a Stories in this
book, (15 short stories),  were
gathered from many of 
the customers who came to our
coffee shop over the last 10 years.

112 pages; 8.5" X 11"; Soft Cover.
Full color illustrations.
$9.00, each + S&H
Stock Number GU-Jose
Shipping Weight 2 Pounds


"Jesus In Little America"
An autobiographical account of the founding of the Bank of Guam and history in the making.
By Jesus Sablan Leon Guerrero

This autobiography is written for the benefit of my family, particularly for my grandson.  It is dedicated to Eugena, my lovely wife and companion for over 49 years.  It is also dedicated to my children, son-and daughters-in-law, grandchildren, and my great-grandson.

The material contained herein all came from my own personal experiences and knowledge.  Very little references were obtained from other sources.  I was there when most of the events were unfolding.

Historical events are included in order to describe and evaluate my participation in and contributions to the economic, political, and social transformation of Guam.

Copyright @ 1998 by Jesus Sablan Leon Guerrero
Distributed and Published by JLG Publishing, Guam.. First printing 1998
All rights reserved

239 pages; 6.25" X 9"; Soft Cover.
25 color and black & white illustrations, and historical documents..
$22.00 + S&H
Stock Number GU-JLG; Shipping Weight 4 Pounds


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